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Kim finishes discussing how the war monument came to be and the importance of the monument. He details about the process of being upgraded to the Medal Of Honor. Kim also reflects on his life and accomplishments. Kim finishes with discussing the…

Yoshida discusses about his experiences in Kyoto and discusses Japanese culture. He details about traveling in Japan, writing father, and reflects on his military service. Yoshida also discusses about being discharged and gives advice future military…

Iwatake discusses more about his time on Chichijima. He details his life after the war had ended. Iwatake also discusses his time meeting President George H. W. Bush.

Yoshimoto discusses about his time in Japan during the occupation. He also details about meeting Tojo Hideki. Yoshimoto discusses his life once he was discharged from the Army.

Taketa discusses about the wars end, veterans, and reunions. He details about his family and living in Hilo, Hawaii. Taketa reflects on his military service and gives a message to future generations.

Yamasaki discusses the adversity he faced during the time after he left the army. He reflects and the mark he left of Japan and vise versa. Yamasaki also discusses explaining democracy in Japan.

Yamasaki discusses more about what CIC did during his time in Japan. He details what he noticed about Japanese culture. Yamasaki also discusses personal experiences before and during the occupation of Japan.

Hamada reflects on some of the experiences he had during the war. He also details about his career after leaving the service. Hamada discusses the medals that he received.

Minata talks about the importance of early retirement and saving money. He gives other general advice to future generations.

Tazoi discusses the medals and awards he received. He reflects on his wars experiences and the role the Nisei played. He also discusses about his wife and children and gives a message to future generations.

Kagawa reflects on the war and gives a message to future generations. He details about the legacy of Nisei soldiers. Kagawa also shows some newspaper articles that his saved.

Akamine discusses the mindset when going into combat and his combat experiences. He reflects on the war and details about burying a German soldier. Akamine also discusses discrimination and reminisces about Lt. Kim.

Fujimori reflects on being sent to American Concentration Camps and his experiences in the military. He details about the role MIS played during the war. Fujimori also discusses veteran organizations and gives a message to future generations.

Mita discusses the medals he received and the paratrooper training he went through. He reflects on joining the Military Intelligence Service and his experience during the Pacific Theatre. Mita also discusses raising his family.
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