Sadaichi Kubota oral history interview, part 5 of 7, September 26, 2003


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Kubota discusses about that during the Lost Battalion Rescue mission, he is in hospital for his leg injury.

After the Lost Battalion rescue, Kubota rejoins I Company on November 3 when he hears the company is getting ready to head south for another assignment. Kubota is offer an officer position but refuse. He instead goes to Sospel, France with company. His soldiers finds out the officer promotion and support him to take the position. He appreciates his soldiers because they watch out for each other and he feels they kept him alive.

In Florence, Kubota accumulates enough points to return home. When he arrives back to Hawaii, he extends his service with the intent to locate his older Brother in Japan. In Japan, Kubota is able to locate his older Brother with the help of his younger Brother and Mrs. Headley. Due to the point system again, Kubota is discharge and returns home.

After occupation, Kubota goes to Colorado University and majors in sociology. He finds a job as a Probation Officer. Then he works for a plantation company for 21 years as an Industrial Relations Supervisor before working as Safe and Health Compliance Officer on the Mainland.

Kubota gets married on June 12, 1954 and have two sons. During his retirement time he enjoys gardening.






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