Nobo "Nob" Ikuta oral history interview, part 2 of 5, November 23, 2003


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Ikuta talks about his siblings in Japan during World War Two; discussing his family who moved to Los Angeles with him post-war; talks about corresponding with his mother while she was in Japan; and discusses getting drafted and sent to Jefferson Barracks for basic training. He then talks about his experiences with discrimination while in Chicago, how he got a PFC rank, basic training, and discusses other Nisei soldiers who were also drafted. Next, Ikuta talks about his brother's military service and involvement with Military Intelligence Service (MIS); talks about his typing skills; discusses joining the 442nd Regimental Combat Team at Camp Shelby, and talks about his assignment in I Company. Lastly, Ikuta talks about his combat experiences in France, discusses his uniform, provides some thoughts regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor, discusses visiting Hiroshima after the bombing, and talks about his experiences living in Los Angeles prior to forced removal.



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1917 Apr 22

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Ikuta, Nobo: narrator, Nakaishi, Russell: interviewer, and Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher, “Nobo "Nob" Ikuta oral history interview, part 2 of 5, November 23, 2003,” Japanese American Military History Collective, accessed June 5, 2023,