Shigeru Inouye oral history interview, part 4 of 5, October 18, 1999


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Shigeru Inouye recollects the events that lead to his injury in the battle at Cassino, Italy. He goes to the 36th General Hospital in Italy and is in the hospital for two weeks. Later, he is transferred to an Evacuation Hospital and returns to the United States. For his injuries, Shigeru is awarded the Silver Star.

He also learns he receives the Purple Heart when he is at the hospital in Clinton, IA. In May 1946, Shigeru returns to Honolulu and is discharged from the Army on August 4, 1947. When Shigeru is in the 100th, he is a Private First Class (PFC). Then in January of 1944, he is promoted to Corporal T5. He receives his Sergeant strip at McCormick Hospital.

Post-war, Shigeru spends his time with his friends and makes model airplanes. He is happy to be alive and is grateful. Shigeru shares his thoughts on President Roosevelt and President Truman.





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1919 Feb 03

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