Mitsunori Kawagoye oral history interview, part 2 of 3, March 24, 2007


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While attending regular school during the weekdays, Kawagoye would also attend Japanese language school on the weekends. He would be lucky to have some very impactful teachers during this time, and was always regarded as a good student. Next, he talks about his whereabouts during the Pearl Harbor attacks, and would head home but life would resume as usual until the Executive Order 9066 came around. Luckily, his family was invited to another Japanese families farm in Nebraska, where they would be able to avoid going to the camps and continue working. He would keep up with news of the war on the radio, and when hearing of the heroics of the 442nd and 100th regiments, he decided he would join the Army as well. He would join at Fort Douglas, and be sent to Camp Blanding to begin his basic training. While training, he would be placed in the Military Intelligence School in Minnesota, and they would get word that the war had ended both in Europe and in Japan and his services would end after a year. He would be discharged and use the GI bill to continue his education at the University of Chicago, in which time, he would meet his future wife. They would go on to adopt two children and live happily in California.






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1923 Feb 07

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