Sukeo Oji oral history interview, part 2 of 7, May 26, 2002


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Sukue “Skeets” Oji enrolled at Sacramento Junior College and took flying classes. However, Skeets did not complete his civilian flying classes because he was drafted. Skeet went to Presidio Monterey for his induction and was stationed at Moffett Field. On December 7, Skeets was in San Francisco and visited his wife. As they left the zoo, he heard the news about Pearl Harbor.

Skeets returned to Moffett Airfield and was assigned to guard a transformer. Skeets discusses his various duties ranging from jeep patrolling the fence line, guarding the hanger, and drafting. Before Christmas, he was with the 554th Squadron and transferred to Williams Field, Arizona. After three months, Skeets was promoted to Corporal.

Shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack, was on inactive reserve. Skeets went home to Santa Marie to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Aratani helped Skeets' parents and provided them with land to farm. Later Skeets' family voluntarily moved to the Salt Lake City area, but Executive Order 9066 went into effect. Skeet and his family took what they could carry and went to the Assembly Center.

To stay busy, Skeets found a job in the Administration Offices with an Engineer overseeing the maintenance of the camp. When Gila was ready for occupancy, the internees left Tulare. Skeets stayed behind to tidy up Tulare and joined his family at Gila a few days later. At Gila, Skeets assisted on the surveying team.

Before Gila, Skeets applied to continue his education and received orders to be released from camp. The University of Nebraska accepted Niseis from various camps, and Skeets went there to continue his education in engineering. Skeets recalls Dr. Drew from a Methodist Church being helpful to the Nisei Students. Besides school, Skeets worked to support himself. He discusses stereotypes and the misconceptions society had about the Japanese Americans.



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Oji, Sukeo: narrator, Yee, Govan: interviewer, and Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher, “Sukeo Oji oral history interview, part 2 of 7, May 26, 2002,” Japanese American Military History Collective, accessed May 24, 2024,