Sukeo Oji oral history interview, part 3 of 7, May 26, 2002


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Sukeo “Skeets” Oji was at Gila for a short time before attending school fall of 1942. The 442nd formed in early 1943, and in September 1943, Skeets was called to active duty. He went to Camp Shelby, and he was assigned Heavy Weapons.

After completing 16 weeks of basic training, Skeets was Squad Leader to Heavy Machine Guns, D Company. Later he was promoted to Buck Sergeant. In 1944, the 442nd was preparing to go overseas. The 100th was already overseas fighting. The 1st Battalion was shipped to assist, and the non-combats remained behind.

Skeets stayed behind as the 171st training battalion. Before recruits came to Camp Shelby, the non-combats were on guard and KP duty. After 12 weeks of training, a recruiting team from Fort Snelling and Camp Savage came to Camp Blanding. Fall of 1944 Skeets received orders to go to Camp Savage for training in the Japanese language. Skeets was assigned to 1st Class Company, Company G.

In June 1945, Skeets graduated from Japanese Language School and applied for OCS training. Skeets reported to Fort Benning. The war ended in Europe and then Japan surrendered. Skeets was still in OCS. When he graduated, he went to Fort Snelling. Skeets' family was at Gila for four months until they were sponsored to Keenesburg, CO, to manage a farm.

Post-war, Skeet's family moved to Sacramento and established themselves in Yuma City. Skeet's older and younger brothers managed the farm and called it Oji's farm. Now Skeet's older brother's son is running the farm currently.

Skeets went to Fort Snelling and joined the Cadre Company before shipping out to Japan. In Occupation Japan, Skeets was a part of the 142nd language detachment and later the 553rd engineering construction group.



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