Sukeo Oji oral history interview, part 6 of 7, May 26, 2002


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Sukeo "Skeets" Oji returned to the United States and was assigned to Engineer Section, Headquarters, 6th Army, Presidio, Monterey. In 1954, he was reassigned to Japan as the liaison officer between the Ministry of Construction and the US Army Forces Japan. His task was to work with the Japan Construction Agency to build all the Army facilities in Japan.

As a Liaison Officer, the big mission at the time was the Government Relocation Construction Program. Allocating the funding for the program would take a long time. However, Japan decided to use their reparation money to construct the buildings to meet the safety standards. When the construction was complete, the next mission was to build a commutation system throughout Japan.

He finished the project in 1957, and return to the United States. Skeets was reassigned to G4, Headquarters Company, 6th Army, Presidio, Monterey. He was a General Staff Officer in charge of maintenance. After he finished his tour, he asked to go back to Japan but was declined.

In 1959 Skeets went to Hanau, Germany, and was assigned as an Engineer Officer. Later he was assigned to replace a Major in Baumholder as Post Engineer responsible for maintenance and engineering facility. He also oversaw a Quarter Master Depot and Hospital. When Skeets was not working, he explored Europe and went sightseeing.

He finished his career in Europe in 1960 and was reassigned to Sierra Army Depot as Post Engineer and served for two years. Besides working, he also continued his education to get his engineering status for the Federal Civil Service. Skeets got his degree and was promoted to GS11 Engineer.

In 1963, Skeets retired from his military service. Skeets moved to Berkeley and worked as a civilian as a Utilities Management Engineer for the Navy.
Skeets remarried and lived in Berkeley, but the commute to Sharp Army Depot in Stockton was too long. Skeets found a job at Oakland Army Base as an Engineer before having the opportunity with the Navy as a Utilities Contracting Officer. Right before Skeets' retirement in 1978, he suggested to the Navy to microfiche the remaining files. He ended up working a few more years.

After retiring from the Military and Federal Civil Service of 42 years, Skeets now spends his time with his wife and children. Skeets has two daughters, and his second wife has three daughters. Skeets and his second wife have thirteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Skeets love traveling and recalls his trip to China.



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1918 Feb 24

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