Tadayoshi Sugiyama oral history interview, part 2 of 5, August 18, 2007


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After Pearl Harbor, Tadayoshi Sugiyama remembers being cautious and hearing rumors about General Dwight Eisenhower and evacuation orders. In April 1942, the Sugiyama family evacuate to the Turlock Assembly Center in Tracy, California.

Each person is only allowed to bring what they can carry. The designation of the camp is not announced to the evacuees. Therefore, you do not know if you are going somewhere hot or cold. Tadayoshi recalls going into their barracks for the first time.

The Sugiyama family is at Turlock from April to September and then travel by train to camp with the windows blackout. On the train, there are military personals (MP). They arrive at Casa Grande, but the camp is not fully built yet. Tadayoshi recalls helping with the construction.

Tadayoshi's Issei parents did not say much about the evacuation even though they have a hard time adjusting to camp. His father works at the mess hall as a cook, his older brother works at the hospital as a doctor, and Tadayoshi works as an x-ray technician. The Japanese Americans have to adjust to life at camp. There are dances, playing sports and Japanese shows. Tadayoshi says many of the Issei are very talented performing in the Japanese shows. He recalls in camp they are given a loyalty questionnaire and he discusses medical health care in camp.

Tadayoshi is about to enroll at the University of Minnesota and then receives a letter from the Army to join. Tadayoshi decides to go Camp Savage and see if he can join the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). He takes an exam and passes.

Tadayoshi discusses Army life and basic training. In July 1945, Tadayoshi goes overseas to the Philippines and Japan. Before going overseas, Tadayoshi gets married.



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