Robert Nagata oral history interview, part 2 of 5, August 26, 2007


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The interview with Clarence Yayoi Tamayori is combined with Robert Tokuo Nagata.

Clarence and Robert discuss their employment after graduating high school. Clarence works at a lumber mill and Robert is employed at the Hawaiian cannery. Later, Robert works for defense contractors.

Both Clarence and Robert reflect on the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7 and the effects after. Clarence talks about Marshall Law and the restrictions following the attack. Robert says he feels guilty about Pearl Harbor even though he is Japanese American. He recalls his friends looking at him differently after the bombing, and being labeled an enemy alien. Robert's father tells him, this is your home, you need to protect your country.

When the military announcements for volunteers, Clarence decides to volunteer. He takes his physical exam and passes. He goes to Schofield Barracks and departs to the mainland. Robert decides to volunteer to protect his brothers. Both men go to Camp Shelby for basic training.



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1923 Mar 23

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