Ko Stanley Sameshima oral history interview, part 1 of 3, October 13, 2007


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Ko Stanley Sameshima is born December 6, 1921, in Long Beach, California. Ko's parents are Issei from Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. His father immigrates to the United States at seventeen years old with dreams of a better future with his younger brother.

Later, Ko's father goes to Japan to get married and returns to the United States. Ko recalls his childhood in Los Angeles, CA. Ko's home life is minimalistic and his parent works hard to provide for their three children (Ko, Chiko, and Akira). Ko describes his father as the disciplinarian and his mother as nurturing. They are very proud of their children.

The success of Sameshima's produce market allows the family to travel to Japan during the Great Depression. For six months the Sameshima family live in Japan. Ko shares his experience of attending a Japanese School.

After returning from Japan, Ko's parents restart their produce market. Ko describes the Crenshaw district during that period.





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1921 Dec 06

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