Jumpei Mine oral history interview, part 2 of 2, November 23, 2008


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Jumpei Mine narrates photographs from his wartime.

Overseas, Jumpei encounters some close calls. He shares his stories about a hand grenade, a three-story building, and a fence. Besides his close calls, he says the scariest thing is the German 88s. He recalls being with C Company and hearing the 88s nearby.

Jumpei discusses the difference between the German weapons and the guns he uses in the heavy weapons unit. In Italy, he has an opportunity to buy a Lugar pistol from an Italian civilian.

Jumpei does not interact with the locals during wartime. However, he remembers passing under a bridge and seeing the hungry children. When the war ends, Jumpei goes sightseeing in Europe, and his favorite place he visits is Switzerland.

Jumpei returns to the United States and reunites with his parents in Chicago, IL. He gets married and works at an auto body. Jumpei and his wife, Kimiko, have two children, Jean and Robert, and grandchildren. Also, they have a niece and nephews.

After retiring from working at the auto body, Jumpei helps his daughter Jean. His goal is to stay healthy and live long to see the next Olympics.



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1920 Aug 04

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