Jumpei Mine oral history interview, part 1 of 2, November 23, 2008


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Jumpei "Jumpy" Mine is born on August 4, 1920, in Montebello, CA. Jumpei's father is a hard-working man. Jumpei's mother, Jen Mine, passes away early.
Jumpei grows up in Montebello and helps his father with farming. Jumpei's favorite sport is baseball. He has one sister, Chizuko, and one brother, Kay.

Jumpei discusses his school years from attending Laguna Elementary School in Montebello, high school, and Japanese Language School. His favorite activity at school is sports, especially baseball. During his free time, he rides his bike, goes hiking, and participates in Boy Scouts. On Sundays, he attends Christian Church in Montebello.

In 1939, he graduated high school and continued to help his father with farming. Jumpei recalls the Pearl Harbor aftermath. Jumpei's family goes to Santa Anita Assembly Center when evacuation orders are announced. After six months, Jumpei goes to Detroit, MI, for work, and then he is drafted into the Army.

After basic training, Jumpei goes overseas to Europe. He is assigned to Company D, Heavy Weapons. He shares a story of how his Squad Leader keeps the unit safe from the German soldiers.

When the war ends, Jumpei stays in Italy for three months before returning back to the United States. He goes to Chicago to reunite with his parents. Post-war, Jumpei looks for mechanic work.



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1920 Aug 04

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