Harold Horiuchi oral history interview, part 2 of 3, July 6, 2008


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In high school, Harold Horiuchi enjoys playing basketball. In Seattle, Harold plays basketball for the Fieldhouse Team as a Center. Harold plays basketball in the Japanese American Community too.

In 1938, Harold graduates high school and goes to the University of Washington for two years. Harold recalls the attack on Pearl Harbor. His brother, Masanori, is still in Japan studying abroad. However, Masanori makes it back to the United States on the last ship to Seattle. Harold discusses the effects of Pearl Harbor and the family's grocery store.

When evacuation orders are announced, Harold and his family go to Puyallup and then to Minidoka. He describes the living conditions at the camp. The Army is asking for volunteers for the 442nd. However, Harold is not accepted. Then after three months at Minidoka, Harold goes to harvest crops in Twin Falls. In Twin Falls, Harold and Edith get married.

In Denver, Harold receives his draft notice from the Army. June of 1944, Harold is inducted at Fort Douglas, Utah, and goes to Camp Shelby for basic training.





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1920 Aug 29

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