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Yamada discusses being born on August 21, 1940 in Hawaii. His parents
immigrated in 1910 from Japan for the opportunity to be a contract labor. In Japan, their families are farmers. Yamada admires his Father because he bought rental property,…

Yamada discusses playing sports in his childhood such as barefoot football, tennis and fishing with his friends. One holiday that his family celebrates annually is the Emperor of Japan's birthday and New Year (because of the food). They also sing…

Yamada discusses his experience on the Mainland and going overseas. Yamada is not at Camp McCoy for very long. Only a few months for infantry training for the 100th Infantry Battalion. Later he volunteers for Military Intelligence Service.


Yamada discusses his time in the Dutch East Indies now know as Indonesia. He describes seeing a lot of casualties of Prisoners of War (POWs). He says the action happens so quickly that bodies keeping piling up.

During his time overseas, Yamada…

Tom Yamada discusses stories from his time in service. During occupation in Japan, Yamada works with naval officer Lieutenant Lim. 20 years later, Yamada runs into Lieutenant Lim at Radio City Music Hall and thinks of him kindly . Yamada also thinks…

Takamine discusses replacements and the end of the war in Europe. He details about his discharge and life afterwards. Takamine also discusses about Japanese Americans, his homecoming experiences, and gives some closing remarks

Miho discusses about his family. He details about his childhood. Miho also discusses about his high school experiences and loyalty.

Miho discusses about the hotel business and working during high school. He details about customs, working after high school, and going to college. Miho also discusses about his family and political climate in 1941.

Miho discusses the pre-war political climate. He details about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Miho also discusses his experiences at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

Miho discusses about Camp Shelby, Mississippi. He details about the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Miho also discusses about visiting American Concentration Camps, friends, and being assigned 522nd Field Artillery Battalion.

Miho discusses about artillery training and his hearing. He details about arriving in and his experiences. Miho also discusses about his first combat experiences.

Miho discusses about his experiences during Rescue of the Lost Battalion. He details about his experiences in Italy. Miho also discusses about his Experiences in Germany.

Miho discusses his experiences in Germany and Dachau Concentration Camp. He details about what he believes is the difference between American Concentration Camps and European Concentration Camps. Miho also discusses about his post-war life.

Miho discusses about his experiences in the Hawaiian Territorial Guard. He details about the Victory Varsity Volunteers (VVV) and the formation of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Miho also gives a message to future generations.

Yamada discusses about his family, briefly living in Japan, and growing up in Kahului, Hawaii. He details about Pearl Harbor, its aftermath, and being drafted. Yamada also discusses about joining the Military Intelligence Service (MIS), his…

Yamada discusses about his experiences in post-war Japan. He details about his post-war life. Yamada also discusses about his experiences in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS).
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