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Yukihiro discusses working at Brother-in-Law's grocery store in Bellfower post-war. Shortly after he opens a produce market for 17 years in Norwalk and went wholesale after. From prewar and post-war, Yukihiro describes the changes of the city. He…

Yukihiro discusses about his assignments and experiences with the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC). He explains the success rate of his unit gathering intelligence in post-war Japan. Yukihiro discusses about meeting his wife and post-war employment.

Yukihiro discusses being inducted, basic training, and joining the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC). He details about his experiences in the CIC. Yukihara also discusses about the devastation in Japan.

Yukihiro discusses the trip to Arkansas and experiences at Rohwer Concentration Camp. He details about the changes at the camp over time and his family. Yukihiro describes his sentiment towards the government and recalls leaving camp.

Yukihiro discusses about learning the Japanese language and family correspondences with Japan. He details about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. He discusses his experiences at Santa Anita Temporary Detention Center and Rohwer Concentration Camp.

Yukihiro discusses his prefecture origin, family, and social activities. .He details about the climate pre and post forced removal and the type of treatment he feels in the community and with friends. Yukihiro also discusses why he learns Japanese…

Mrs. Kusunoki discusses about her family. She details her post-war life and what can be learned from the Japanese American story. Mrs. Kusunoki also gives a message to future generations.

Mrs. Kusunoki discusses about her experiences at Tanforan Temporary Detention Facility and Topaz Concentration Camp. She details about Pearl Harbor, its aftermath, and leaving camp. Mrs. Kusunoki also discusses about her post-war life.

Kusunoki discusses about his post-war life and career. Mrs. Kusunoki discusses about growing up in San Fransisco, her family and schooling. She also discusses teaching Japanese to soldiers at the University of Minnesota.

Kusunoki discusses about his experiences at Topaz Concentration Camp and getting drafted. He details about his experiences in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team assigned to the medical detachment. Kusunoki also discusses about his post-war life.

Kusunoki discusses about his family and childhood. He details the neighborhood he grew up in and San Fransisco. Kusunoki also discusses about his schooling, Pearl Harbor, its aftermath, and his experiences at Tanforan Temporary Detention Facility.

Asahina describes the Russian army and discusses the best and worst experiences during the war. He details about returning home and settling in Toledo, Ohio. Asahina also discusses his family and his son also gets interviewed.

Asahina discusses his experiences in Holland, receiving the Silver Star, and treating wounded soldiers. He details about the Battle of the Bulge. Asahina also discusses about the events after the Battle of the Bulge and the end of the war.

Asahina discusses applying for medical school, finding an internship, and knowledge of what was happening to the West Coast Japanese Americans. He details more about medical officers training, experiences with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and…

Asahina discusses working in a produce market and his experiences in Los Angeles. He details about going to medical school and meeting his wife. Asahina also discusses about Pearl Harbor, how the war affected his life, trying to enlist, and finally…

Asahina discusses his parents background and his home life while growing up. He details about his early educational experiences. Asahina also discusses about high school and going to college.
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