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Tanaka discusses his post-war experiences. He details about his major events in his life and his participation in veteran organizations. Tanaka also gives a message to future generations, explains Shikata ga nai, and explains the legacy of the 100th…

Tanaka discusses more about his time in Italy. He details about his journey and arrival in France and his second bout with trench foot. Tanaka also discusses his experiences once he returned to the United States before and after the end of the war.

Tanaka discusses his experiences in Italy. He details about when the 100th Infantry Battalion joined with 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Tanaka also discusses his interactions with mainland soldiers and the Italian people.

Tanaka discusses his experiences at Camp McCoy and Shelby. He details about the formation of the 100th Infantry Battalion. Tanaka also discusses his early military experience in Africa and Italy.

Tanaka discusses what it was like growing up in Hilo, Hawaii. he details about the aftermath if pearl harbor and his draft experience. Tanaka discusses about his experiences during basic training.
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