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Taketa discusses about his family and growing up on Kailua-Kona. He details about his schooling and childhood. Taketa also discusses about religion and vales taught.

Taketa discusses about life after high school and living in Hilo, Hawaii. He details Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Taketa also discusses about his ship getting hit by a torpedo.

Taketa discusses about becoming a medic and his experiences as a medic. He details about his experiences at Camp Shelby and Camp McCoy. Taketa also discusses about Hawaii, family, and the treatment of Japanese Americans.

Taketa discusses about being a medic and the meals they ate. He details about getting wounded and recovery process. Taketa also discusses playing golf and his post-war life.

Taketa discusses about the wars end, veterans, and reunions. He details about his family and living in Hilo, Hawaii. Taketa reflects on his military service and gives a message to future generations.

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