Fred Satsuki Tanakatsubo oral history interview, part 3 of 4, June 26, 2006


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After spending time at the Military Intelligence Service Language School at Camp Savage, Tanakatsubo was sent overseas to begin interrogating in the Aleutian Islands where the Japanese were occupying some islands. It was there at the Battle of Attu that he first began his work searching bodies for documents that could help the US Army. After that, he was moved to Kiska where his team quickly realized that the Japanese had evacuated the island. Next, he was sent back to the United States for a short time until he was sent back overseas to Brisbane in Australia, where he found out that his father had passed away in the camps. Having this grief, he decided to join the front lines and was sent to New Guinea, then the Philippines and finally, Japan for interrogation work after the war had ended. It was there that he saw the hardships of the Japanese and decided to help a family he met, feeding them and making sure the children stayed out of trouble. Having more than 140 points, Tanakatsubo decided to head back to the United States, where he would discharge from the Army and head to dental school in Cleveland. While in the midwest, he moved to Chicago and got married and started a family that now includes three children and nine grandchildren.








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1920 April 26

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