Hal Oishi oral history interview, part 2 of 2, January 18, 2009


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Oishi continues his recollection of his time arriving in Japan during the military occupation. He would arrive in Yokosuka and head to Camp Zama, where he would see the devastation of Tokyo and the conditions for the Japanese civilians. Next, he talks about his time in occupied Japan, seeing the different parts of the occupation before getting his first assignment in Oji. Next, he speaks about his time in Oji, translating documents for the technical intelligence team and visiting family near Hiroshima. He would finish up his time in Japan and be discharged in Honolulu, where he would pursue his college degree at the University of Hawaii. He would be recalled to the Army after this and spend time as an instructor at the Schofield Barracks before continuing his higher education at Northwestern University. He would begin working at an accounting firm and obtain his CPA, which would lead him through a great accounting career that including stints in Chicago, Hawaii and Japan. He discusses one of his trips back to Japan in the 1970's and the differences he noticed from his time there 20 years prior. Finally, he talks about the Nisei's contributions to the occupation and hopes he has for the future.






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