George Suzuki oral history interview, part 2 of 2, June 8, 2010


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George Suzuki was drafted and went to Military Intelligence Service Language School. The experience at Fort Snelling was easygoing because he already knew some of the Niseis. Also, his girlfriend lived in St. Paul.

When Japan surrendered, George was assigned to the occupation Army. His duty in Japan was to assign local laborers to various jobs. The laborers would show up for work, and George gave assignments to any available workers.

Before returning home to the States, George visited his parents' relatives in Nagano, Japan. He recalls they did not have much to talk about because there was not much of a family tie or closeness. After returning to the United States, George did not stay connected with his relatives.

After George’s service in Japan, he first went to St. Paul to see his wife-to-be and then to Chicago to see his parents. He was discharged in May and got married to Esther in August. George had a long career in the Civil Service and worked for the Government in the accounting department until he retired.

George and Esther have a daughter, Nami, and a son, John. John has two children, Kay, and John. George's message for his grandchildren is to be happy and save money. Through all of his journey in life, George said he is overall satisfied with life.



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