George Suzuki oral history interview, part 1 of 2, June 8, 2010


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George Suzuki was born on April 6, 1922, in Astoria, OR. He went to Fort Snelling for Military Intelligence Service Language School. n May 1945, he completed training and was assigned to the Philippines for guard duty. When Japan surrendered in August, George was reassigned to the occupation army to go to Japan.

When George landed in Japan, he described the destruction of the country. George saw the locals living in makeshift shacks and children asking for handouts. George was stationed in Yokohama and assigned to a labor pool group. His task was to assign local laborers to specific jobs. Besides working in Yokohama, George also worked in Kyoto for a month.

Before shipping home to the United States, George went with his cousin to visit his parents' siblings in Nagano for a few days. George returned home to his wife Esther and visited George Yamaguchi’s mother and sister in Chicago.

George felt there was some good from the occupation for Japan to rebuild. The Niseis were essential during the occupation of Japan because they knew the Japanese language and customs. The Niseis help build the bridge to communicate with the natives.



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