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Nakamura continues his recollection of his time visiting Hiroshima and how the Japanese there were very welcoming to him. Next, he speaks about his discharge from the Army and staying in Tokyo to work as a civilian. He first joined the Civil…

Nakamura discusses arriving in Japan and exploring Tokyo before joining the 11th Airborne in Sendai. Once in Sendai, he was sent to Shiogama to join the 188th regiment where they would patrol around and investigate for weapons that could be used…

Nakamura begins the interview talking about being born in America and quickly being moved to Japan as a child, where he would spend the next 8 years of his childhood. It was there that he would learn the culture of Japan and begin his elementary…

Nakamura reflects on his World War Two experiences. He details his family serving in the military. Nakamura also discusses about the legacy of Nisei linguist and shows some photographs.

Nakamura discusses about visiting his family in post-war Japan. He details about going back to college and finding employment. Nakamura also discusses about his children.

Nakamura discusses about being attached 11th Airborne Division and receiving his wings. He details about working in mail mail censorship. Nakamura also discusses about his experiences in Tokyo, Japan and how Japan has changed over the years.

Nakamura discusses about his experiences at Fort Snelling. He details about going overseas to Japan. Nakamura also discusses about the war ending.

Nakamura discusses about his family, experiences in camp, and the family pet. He details about his experiences at Fort Douglas. Nakamura also discusses at Camp Shelby.

Nakamura discusses about his family. He details about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Nakamura also discusses about his experiences Pinedale Temporary Detention Center, Tule Lake Concentration Camp, and being drafted.
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