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Yoshio Nakamura discusses the end of the war in Europe, and getting the opportunity to study some university classes in Florence, Italy. Next, he talks about his journey back to the United States, and the process of being discharged from the army.…

Yoshio Nakamura recounts a touching story about a Caucasian man buying his lunch, and then the process of going overseas to Europe, but his unit gets quarantined due to an outbreak of measles. Next, he discusses meeting up with his unit in southern…

George Oiye begins this interview part by describing the similarity and differences between American and German concentration camps. Next, describes some photographs in his possession, his feelings about Dachau, and recollecting meeting German youth…

Mitsuo Tominaga discusses his feeling about about being reassigned to an all Nisei unit, and their interactions with civilians while in Michigan. Next he describes his unit's time at Fort Shelby conducting weapons training, and the racial conditions…

John Togashi discusses his ambulance ride to the field hospital with Daniel Inouye. Next he describes the end of the war in Europe and the feelings he had about the atomic bombs being used on Japan. Lastly he describes his discharge and return to…

John Togashi talks about his basic training experiences and shipping out of the United States. Next he describes his military travel to Europe and joining the 442nd in northern France. Lastly he talks about his experiences with the 442nd while they…

John Togashi begins this interview part with recounting jobs he had with the Santa Fe Railroad and working in warehouses in Detroit. Next he describes getting his draft notice and talks about the "Loyalty Questionnaire". Lastly he recounts his…

Victor Abe describes the conditions at Leyte and his time in Mindanao, Philippines. Next, he discusses his furlough experiences and talks about his father's internment and eventually release near the end of the war. Lastly, he talks about his…

Ted Wakai describes recruitment techniques for the Military Intelligence Service. He then discusses Japanese language training and basic training at Camp Snelling and Fort McClellan. The last topics for this interview segment are Fort Ritchie and…

"The Gang." Gerries beyond the mountains. Group of Nisei soldiers leisurely sitting on the side of the road. Half of the men are using their helmets as stools to sit on. Hills are seen in the background.
Kondo V-mail letter 002.pdf

Kondo writes about finally landing at his assigned overseas destination. He writes about his trip overseas, describing the places they saw along the way; about receiving his sister's letter the day before; about an air raid that took place the night…
Kondo V-mail letter 001.pdf

Kondo addresses this letter to his sister Misa and her husband, Hal Hoshino. He writes about how much he enjoyed his journey aboard a ship, and requests that their family continue to write to him.

Gotanda discusses his experiences working as an interpreter in the effort to repatriate Japanese citizens, in China and Taiwan, to Japan after Japan's surrender in World War 2. He shares anecdotes regarding: Taiwan, Shanghai, and being a Japanese…

Gotanda discusses his experiences as an interpreter, aiding the effort to deport to Japanese nationals back to Japan, during World War 2 in China and Taiwan. He also discusses his formative years growing up in Waimea. He shares anecdotes regarding:…

Images of Shira Enmoto, Ben Sumita, Gilbert Tanji and Mary Tanji near the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Image captured from ship.

Desert landscape with tire tracks visible in the valley.

Processed, train stopped in the Prairies before the Rockies for rest.

View of New York City in the distance. Taken from a ship.

New York City skyline in distance; photograph taken from a ship.

Closer to the Statue of Liberty approaching New York City. Other ships in harbor; image taken from a ship.

Sailing towards New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty; seen in the distance.

Sign of welcome to soldiers arrival to New York. "Welcome home. Well done." written on sign in distance.

Italian merchants in rowboats with goods and food items. Image is captured from above, presumably from the side of a ship.

Another view of aircraft carrier.

View of a city from the water-- city is unknown.

View of city by Azores Harbor.

City by the Azores Harbor.

Gibraltar rock in view from ship.

Rock of Gibraltar in view behind Japanese American soldiers.

Rock of Gibraltar from ship.

The "Rock of Gibralter" in the distance.

"The Rock" at a distance. Taken from aboard ship.

Remnants of torpedoed ship in harbor taken from another ship.

Spanish coast of Gibraltar. A soldier leaning on ledge of ship.

"Stop at Gibraltar Harbor on African side. Engine trouble" is written in reference to the image.

Departing from same small island in Mediterranean.

Passing small isle on the Mediterranean.

Arriverderci Livorno. Wake of our ship.

Tug boats escort out of harbor. Some GIs watching at side of ship.

View of ship deck.

Wreckage along the way out of the harbor. Seen from aboard ship.

GIs aboard ship sailing out of harbor

Band playing below for ship send-off. GIs aboard ship looking down at band.

"Repple Depple harbor. (Our ship for home). Army trucks. Troops there gathered around cargo boxes."

Tsuboi and Frank Ichimoto getting Repple Depple (replacement depot) notice.

Norris, Ken, and John at Milano American Red Cross Club.

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and John at Milano [American Red Cross] Club. In front of barren trees, presumably winter.

Norris, Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and John at Milano American Red ross Club. Hiroshi Mizuki in the middle. In front of barren trees, presumably winter.

"Back to Milano, Italy". "US ARC [American Red Cross] Transient Club." Frontal view of ARC entrance archway and building. "American Red Cross Transient Club" sign as part of the archway.

View of train station platform "C" and overhead train cables.

"Another train depot stop. Not in mountains."

"Going thru many train tunnels on the way back." View of snow covered mountains.

Mountain pass through Switzerland. Train cables visible, image captured from train.

"Going thru more mountain scenes." Snow-covered mountains.

Depot stop in the mountain. Snow-covered mountains.

"More mountain passes." Snow-covered mountains.

"On our way back to Lucerne thru mountains."

"On our way to Zurich thru mountains on train." View of snow-covered mountain.

Henry Mizuki. Hiroshi Mizuki's cousin. Standing by truck, handling supplies.

"Lloyd Hoshide at guard post. At PWE Ordinance." Holding rifle.

"Semi tank assigned to the 442nd [Regimental Combat Team]." Two soldiers in the cockpit". Three soldiers visible in tank.

"Inside one of those stockades". View of tents inside compound. Most likely taken in Italy.

Prisoner of War compound. Rows of tents. Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Ben Aoyagi at Camp II Ordinance guard shack at entrance of POW [Prisoners of War] stockade". Sign reading "All [illegible] stop here for check". Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] at guard shack ordinance area". Standing next to shack and fence. Photograph likely captured in Italy.

Slim at guard shack in Livorno. Standing in front of shack and barbed wire.

"Jerries in stockade in Vada, Italy". Three German prisoners of war lying on grass.

Stockade compound.

Two German prisoners laying on chairs. Clothes hanging to dry on a clothesline. Barred windows on building.

Aerial view of prisoner of war camp.

Rows of tents in POW (Prisoner of War) compound. Building next to compound,

Rows of tents, hills in the background.

"POW [Prisoner of War] compound in Livorno. Lines of tents".

"More areas in Livorno. Barbed wire fences and power lines in Livorno." Possibly on or near Prisoner of War Camp.

Industrial area with tanks.

Rows of tents, power lines, and trucks. Most likely Prisoner of War Compound.

Two soldiers walking along road in front of building.

Image captured from above the port, water and buildings visible.

Rows of tents.

Women sitting on bench and against large shack. Barbed wire.

Railroad tracks, power lines.

"Sign on gate entrance of compound. Written in German". Warning to visitors.

"Ordinance POW [Prisoner of War] camp Numbe. 2. Entrance to POW compound. Guard shack at left of entrance". Sign at entrance reads "Ordnance POW camp no. 2".

"More view of POW [Prisoner of War]/PWE Ordinance compound in Livorno". Aerial view of prisoner of war compound. Rows of tents, buildings and hills in the distance.

"POW [Prisoner of War]/PWE Ordinance compound in Livorno. Lines of tents."

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] standing next to shack.

Single building in view with roof missing and windows gutted.

Port of Livorno view of narrow waterway, with buildings and trucks visible in the image.

Ship leaving Port of Livorno. Ship visible above building rooftops, and ocean in background.

Ship docked in port of Livorno.

View of the building facade.

Three unidentified Japanese American soldiers in Army truck.

View from street-level looking upward at gutted buildings.

View of Livorno hotel with on right of the image with collapsed walls.

The right half of the facade of the church is collapsed.

Sign reads "Livorno, Camp II", and has a painting of the camp.

Sign reads "Livorno Camp II" with a painting, possibly of the camp.

Hiroshi Mizuki at the guard shack entrance of PWE ( Political War Executive) Ordinance Compound in Livorno.

"Frank Ichimoto also at electric tower. Kneeling with rifle." Mountains in background.
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